Why Choose Us

The friendly staff of Hear Again Company, LLC strive to provide comprehensive and professional hearing health care, from prevention to rehabilitation, for those individuals with hearing concerns.

Our goal is to provide outstanding care to each individual, and will be unique by getting to know his or her own hearing health care needs.

Enabling each and every patient to achieve the goal of an improved and a more rewarding lifestyle though better hearing.

Our goal at Hear Again is to help you enjoy life through better hearing.  That is why we want to take the worries out of buying Hearing Aids by offering the following services:

  • A free hearing evaluation to get the process started
  • Three years of batteries
  • Two year repair warranty
  • Two years of lost, stolen, or damage insurance
  • A lifetime in-office service plan which includes:
  • Programming
  • Cleanings and checks
  • Any adjustments
  • Any in-office repairs
  • A friendly Board Certified Hearing Care Professional to answer any questions that you may have, and to help you adjust to your new hearing for the years to come.

Do You Have Hearing Aids Already?

There are also many folks that stop by our office that had purchased hearing aids from elsewhere.  If you have just moved to the local area and found out that we’re right around the corner, please come and see us.  Regardless of where you’ve purchased your hearing aids, we have implemented a flat fee where you can purchase the lifetime in-office service plan.

We Make House Calls!

We have also found that there are many folks that could use our services but are not able to get around as well as they used to.  We do make house calls for this very reason.  Our portable equipment is versatile enough that we can do just about anything in your home that we can do in our office!

Professional Staff

Jason T. Moore, BC-HIS

Jason T. Moore, BC-HIS

“Hearing aids are such a powerful thing, when they are used properly, they have the potential to change your life in a positive way.”

Jason T. Moore, BC-HIS

Jason has been helping people hear in the surrounding communities of Fremont and Sandusky since 2006.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

We promise to work closely with you to discover where you are having the most difficulty communicating. Then, we will collaborate with you to determine the best solution to increase your ability to hear and understand in the situations you describe. If that solution includes hearing aids, then we are committed to recommending the technology that:

  1. Works best for your level of hearing loss;
  2. Complements your lifestyle and,
  3. Fits within your budget. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Continuing Education

Although we’re smart enough to know that we don’t know everything, we’re dedicated enough to try!  To make sure we stay on top of both the latest advances in technology and the current research related to hearing we attend many conferences, seminars and conventions every year.  In addition we belong to a variety of professional organizations that provide us with a wealth of information.